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Trade Residential

Trade Residential

We are seeking to grow the sales of our blind products throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe and beyond. We are looking for innovative and dynamic partners to help us achieve this. In return you will receive award winning blind products, dedicated customer and sales support, guaranteed and reliable delivery and a simple, online ordering system, all of which will assist the growth of a valuable customer base, leading to more sales and more importantly, more repeat sales, for your business.

Trust Bloc Blinds

Bloc Blinds are designed to help your sales grow, so welcome back, sign in and let’s do business. Or if you’re not yet a valued Trade Partner, do your business a favour and sign up now.

How to use our portal

Bloc Blinds Brand Building Image Kilcock Primary Care Centre

Brand Building

We are constantly thinking about how to communicate and generate more demand for our products. We have invested a great deal in our Bloc Blinds brand and have developed print, online and TV advertising to help publicise what makes us different and to encourage your customer to ask for a Bloc Blind specifically.

Fast Lead Times

Every one of our blinds is custom made in the UK by our team. This gives us a high degree of control over our production process so we can react fast to orders, errors or extras. Our state-of-the-art equipment also minimises the risk of mistakes and keeps your hassles to a minimum.

Bloc Blinds Fast Lead Times Image Bloc Van
Bloc Blinds Friendly Service Image Staff Collage

Friendly Service

It’s hard to describe without sounding like the opposite of what we are, but we genuinely are a friendly bunch of people to deal with. We enjoy our work, but most of all, we understand the business intimately and this shows in the natural affinity we have developed with many of our customers.


We have experience of working with some of the biggest retailers across the UK and Ireland and feel proud to call them our partners. These partnerships grow and mature and we understand that to make a success of these opportunities it’s important to invest in both the people and their unique environments to make it a success.

Web Retailers

The online marketplace has created many challenges in recent years and we have embraced that change to ensure that our customers are able to stand out and create value for themselves and their customers. Working with some of the largest companies across the UK and Europe we make sure that the demands placed on them by consumers are always met. Our flexible IT systems ensure that whoever the customer we can provide up to date information on products, availability and delivery seamlessly.

Independent Blind Shops

We make it our priority to work with independent retailers of all sizes as they are the backbone to our industry. These retailers are often juggling a variety of different types of products and require a huge breadth of knowledge in order to provide their customers with the very best possible service. We work to support these customers on a variety of levels depending on the service they require.