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Effortlessly Simple. Reassuringly Safe.

Adjustable from any angle and available in a range of lengths, the wand’s clever design makes heights and awkward spaces accessible – for example, operating a tall shade or reaching over a kitchen sink.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of our brilliantly simple design is the reassurance it gives parents of young children and those who care for the vulnerable.

The risk of injury from accidental entanglement is eliminated. It’s a simple, affordable way to ensure parents peace of mind – sleeping easy as their children do the same.

The Bloc Wand’s robust, twist-operated clutch innovation is an easier, more intuitive way to lower and raise the shades.

Intellectual Property

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Bloc Wand Child Safe
Bloc Wand Robust & Reliable Clutch Technology
Bloc Wand Empowers the Elderly and 
Bloc Wand Independent Control
Bloc Wand Neater Modern Look
Bloc Wand No Change to Assembly Process
Bloc Wand Easy to Use
Bloc Wand Integrate with Existing Hardware

Fabricator Benefits

✓ Simple transition to Child Safe shades
✓ Utilize your existing inventory and fabrication processes
✓ Based on robust and reliable clutch technology – no springs!
✓ Compatible with a range of tube designs and bracket types
✓ Choice of white, black & grey finishes
✓ Range of Wand lengths available
✓ No complex spring sizing and calibration required
✓ However, spring assist can be added for heavier shades

Bloc Wand Top
Bloc Wand Child in Livingroom

Consumer Benefits

✓ Makes the hard-to-reach, easy-to-use
✓ Empowers the elderly and dependent
✓ Effortless peace of mind for parents of young children
✓ A neater, modern look
✓ Choice of white, black & grey finishes
✓ Adjustable from any angle
✓ Range of Wand lengths available
✓ Smooth, accurate positioning

Live Simple
Close up detailed front view of the Bloc Wand.
Close up detailed front angle view of the Bloc Wand.
Close up detailed rear angle view of the Bloc Wand.

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Bloc Modular Clutch:
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