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Bloc Blinds have manufactured more than 1 Million blinds which have been used in homes, offices, hotels, schools, hospitals and many more establishments since 2009. Based in Magherafelt, everyone in our team of over 100 play a part, from manufacturing, to R&D, commercial and trade. Bloc Blinds provide award winning products for professionals and homeowners alike.

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We are known for our new way of thinking, looking at the blinds industry from the outside in. To be a true innovator, one should drift away from the conventional path. This approach has resulted in the creation of the innovative products we have today. With legislation in some countries forbidding cords and others likely to follow, we develop the next standard in blind operation. Our products are both locally sourced and produced, with our devoted workforce determined to make Bloc Blinds become a global player.

We are a proud investor in People employer, and actively assist employees to develop themselves, through training and providing unique opportunities. We assist in the growth of our employees with the opportunity to travel far and wide.