Everyday's a school day with Bloc Blinds. Did you know that blinds can do much more than just cover windows? Bloc is a designer and manufacturer of award-winning, innovative blinds, so what can Bloc blinds bring to your school or university?

More Safety

When it comes to children and young people, safety is a priority for everyone. Many Bloc blinds use a unique spring activated system to keep the blind open or closed, so there's no need for a cord. We can also offer blinds that are activated remotely, again negating the need for cords or loops.

Cost Effective Smarts

With hundreds of people using an area day after day, it is easy for everyday items like blinds to become tatty, tired or even broken. Bloc blinds feature an innovative 'hook-on-hook-off' fabric changing system that allows you to simply and cost-effectively change a blind's fabric without having to replace the entire blind system. Our standard blind system is made from the strongest, most durable materials we can find, so it will keep working perfectly for many years to come. Every Bloc blind also comes with a three year guarantee.

Complete Darkness

Our innovative BlocOut system uses a precession engineered cassette and slide rails, plus an innovative close-weave fabric, to bring genuine and complete darkness to a room. Perfect for labs or projection rooms, the BlocOut blind shuts out even the brightest sunshine, leaving no halo of trace of light anywhere.

More Flexibility

Alongside our wide range of coloured fabrics, we can offer a unique print your own blind service. Useful for maps, or diagrams or even the periodic table, we can provide you with a blind that doubles as a practical and useful piece of art.

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